NextGen represents the evolution of synthetic hair technology. Princeton brushes made with NextGen synthetics perform like professional quality natural hair brushes. They hold more color than traditional synthetics and are more durable and more affordable than most natural hair brushes.

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NextGen Brushes

velvetouch brush


Premium Bruch for the Perfect Touch

The culmination of innovative hair technology and expert blending can be discovered in each and every Velvetouch™ shape. Eight years in development, our multi-media blend varies from shape to shape to ensure maximum performance for all mediums.

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Summit nextgen brush


Many years ago synthetic-hair brushes were generally classified as best used for either watercolor or acrylic. Now, Princeton’s NextGen synthetics can be created to meet the specific needs of different acrylic paints. In the past, multiple diameter sizes of hair filaments and taper ratios were the only variables. Today, NextGen synthetics add a new dimension that can be engineered to a paint’s viscosity. Princeton’s Summit™ is designed to work best with fluid acrylics. The hair is stiffer than in a watercolor brush but not as stiff as required for heavy-bodied acrylic paints. The result is a consistent, long release of color responsive to your creative aspirations..

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Catalyst™ Tools


The tip of each individual hair has been split to replicate the flags on the finest natural bristle. With each hair having two to three distinct tips, Catalyst™ Polytip Bristle brushes are able to hold a higher volume of paint while providing a smoother application.

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Neptune Oval Wash Brush


Neptune™ brushes are a true breakthrough for watercolorists. Experience a new level of power and control in your painting. More than seven years in development, this is the softest synthetic hair Princeton has ever created — and the most thirsty! Neptune™ drinks up watercolor delivering oceans of color to the sheet.

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Aqua Elite

Aqua Elite™

Princeton’s research team developed a hair that looks like natural Kolinsky and, more important, captures and releases color like pure Kolinsky sable. Each individual hair is pleated just like pure Kolinsky, not smooth like most synthetics. Aqua Elite™ brushes even have a wider midsection, or belly, that functions as a reservoir. Except for a lower cost, Aqua Elite™ brushes are almost indistinguishable from pure Kolinsky. An affordable alternative for sure, without being an alternative to a professional’s standard of quality.

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