Princeton’s Aspen™ Brushes with Jed Dorsey

Artist Jed Dorsey shows us how he uses the Aspen™ series of brushes to create beautiful and simple acrylic works of art. Jed demonstrates the versatility of the Angle Bright, Flat, Liner, and Short Filbert brushes as he creates beautiful landscapes, flowers, and more.

Princeton Aspen™ Series 6500 Synthetic Brushes are made using synthetic bristles that retain the same stiffness as natural bristles. But, unlike natural bristles, the synthetic brush fibers stay together regardless of the degree of pressure or painting surface used, allowing for control and precise placement of color. Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, these brushes are made for acrylics, oils, and water-soluble oils.

Aspen Angle Bright

Watch as Jed creates a beautiful acrylic landscape using an Aspen™ Angle Bright. He will demonstrate the types of lines and shapes you can paint with the brush.

Aspen Short Filbert

Follow along as Jed uses an Aspen™ Short Filbert size 4 brush to paint different lines and angles. He will demonstrate how you can use the brush to complete a simple landscape acrylic piece.

Aspen Liner

Using an Aspen™ Liner size 2 brush Jed shows how to use small lines and strokes to create a floral acrylic piece.

Aspen Flat

Jed demonstrates the versatility of an Aspen™ Flat size 6 Brush and acrylic paint. Watch until the end to see him create a simple foliage piece.

Equally well-suited for plein air and studio settings, Princeton Aspen brushes combine performance, practicality, and style. Every Aspen™ brush has an elegantly polished black handle made from reforested wood and a matte black ferrule to eliminate light reflection while painting. See our full Aspen™ line here.