Princeton Floral Set with Esther Peck

Curated by Princeton Ambassador and expert floral painter Esther Peck, the Princeton Watercolor Floral Set combines a selection of brushes from three of our best-selling brush series: Neptune, Velvetouch, and Heritage. Explore endless creative possibilities with these synthetic brushes perfectly suited to paint botanical and other organic shapes with watercolor or gouache.

This set contains a Heritage Round 2, Heritage Round 6, Neptune Round 8, Velvetouch Angle Shader 3/8", and Velvetouch Petals 8.

Introduction to the Princeton Floral Set

Explore the Princeton Watercolor Floral Set with Ambassador Esther Peck. In this video she demonstrates each brush in the set and the types of brush strokes they can create.

Neptune Round Size 8 Brush

Watch as Esther creates beautiful peonies and roses with a Neptune round size 8 brush. The round brush is great for creating petals and leaves.

Velvetouch Petals Brush

In this video, Esther shows how to create several different flowers with the Velvetouch Petals brush. The Petals brush gives you great versatility when creating florals and botanicals.

Velvetouch Angular Shader Brush

The Angular Shader brush is fantastic for tight angles, and painting leaves, and petals! Watch as Esther creates beautiful hydrangeas using the brush.

Heritage Round Size 6 Brush

In this video, Esther demonstrates how to use the Heritage round size 6 brush to create several different florals. The versatility of a round brush is one of the reasons she picked it to be in this brush set!

Get creative with this brush set and share your work with us @princetonbrush! Find the Princeton Watercolor Floral Set here.