Catalyst with Jed Dorsey

Catalyst™ 6400 Polytip Bristle brushes are another Princeton breakthrough for synthetic hair. With the Catalyst™ Polytip feature, the tip of every individual hair has been split to replicate the natural flags on the finest natural bristle. These brushes can hold a higher volume of paint while providing a smoother application. They’re designed for use with oil paints and medium to heavy-bodied acrylics.

Artist Jed Dorsey showcases some of our Catalyst™ brushes with techniques that you can use in your own art.

Catalyst Round

Watch as Jed creates beautiful acrylic florals using a Catalyst™ Round brush. He will demonstrate the types of lines and shapes you can paint with the brush.

Catalyst Filbert

Follow along as Jed uses a Catalyst™ Filbert size 4 brush to paint different lines and strokes. He will demonstrate how you can use the brush to complete a simple sky with clouds.

Catalyst Egbert

Using a Catalyst™ Egbert size 6 brush Jed shows how to use thick strokes to paint an acrylic tree.

Catalyst Bright

Jed demonstrates the versatility of a Catalyst™ Bright size 6 Brush and acrylic paint. Watch until the end to see him create a gorgeous night scene.

Catalyst Fan

In this video, Jed uses a Catalyst™ Fan size 3 Brush and acrylic paint to create texture and foliage.

Catalyst Polytip Bristle brushes are amazing tools to move paint! See our full Catalyst™ line here.