Aspen Short Brushes

Princeton Aspen™ Series Synthetic Brushes are made using the newest technology in synthetic bristles. The synthetic bristle allows for precise placement of color and ultimate control while painting with oils, water-soluble oils, and acrylics. We’ve now added a variety of short shapes and sizes!

Watch as Ambassador Layne Johnson demonstrates the new short shapes and how he uses them in his oil painting.

Aspen Short Round Pointed Brush

The Aspen™ Short Round Pointed Brush is available in sizes 4 and 8 and was designed with stiff synthetic hairs and a pointed tip. Layne uses the brush for small details and flowers.

Aspen Short Bright Brush

The Aspen™ Short Bright Brush is available in sizes 4, 6, 10, 12, and 16 and was designed with a flat tip. Layne demonstrates how the size 16 is great for blocking in large areas of color.

Aspen Short Oval Filbert

The Aspen™ Short Oval Filbert Brush is available in sizes 4, 8, and 12. Layne uses the Short Oval Filbert size 12 brush to create beautiful fluffy clouds.

Aspen Short Angle Bright

The Aspen™ Short Angle Bright Brush is available in sizes 4, 8, and 12. Using the size 8 Short Able Bright, Layne demonstrates how much control and precision it offers while painting.

Aspen Short Dagger

The Aspen™ Short Dagger Brush is available in size 4 and was designed with an angled tip. Layne uses a size 4 to fill in small spaces using the point of the brush. He demonstrates how versatile the brush is for detailing, texture, and blending.

Aspen Short Fan

The Aspen™ Short Fan Brush is available in size 2. In this video, Layne shows how the fan brush is perfect for creating wispy clouds.

Our Aspen™ line offers premium bristles for peak performance. See our full Aspen™ Brush line here.