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Vladimir London: Princeton Neptune (Synthetic Squirrel) Brush

Vladimir London painting with Princeton Neptune Synthetic Squirrel Princeton brushes

Fine artist, teacher, and author, Vladimir London, shares tips for using our Neptune Synthetic Squirrel Brush.

“When it comes to painting plein air in watercolor, this is the must-have brush. The size 8 brush is suitable for full-sheet or half-sheet watercolor paper format; the size 6 can be used for smaller artworks.

This brush is a great replacement for natural squirrel. It takes a lot of paint and releases it readily when required.

The pointed tip can be used for very detailed work, while its full belly is capable of producing wide brush strokes, covering big areas of an artwork with ease.

It is great fun to paint with this brush holding it almost vertical, gripping closer to the handle’s end. The freedom of movement is unrestricted by the great water-holding capacity of this brush, which gives long, free-flowing strokes as well as fast, easy washes.”

Vladimir London paints with Princeton Neptune Synthetic Squirrel BrushVladimir London paints with Princeton Neptune Synthetic Squirrel Brush

Vladimir London’s work can be found on his website at and his Instagram page.

Vladimir’s online drawing course and art community can be found at:

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