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The Velvetouch Long Round

The round brush is a traditional shape which includes spotters, short liners, script liners, the basic round and Princeton’s new long round. The Velvetouch Long Rounds were developed over several years by the expert brush makers at Princeton and a team of artists for performance, durability and quality. It is a premium blend of luxury synthetic, tapered to provide precision and fine detail, while the full body provides a controlled release of color.

The difference between a long round and a traditional round is the shape of the belly, the gradual taper and the length of the hair.

Fine artist, Jamie Dougherty displays the incredible color holding capacity and release of a long round in this sample swatch art from our free project, Yellow Blossoms. The long round creates both beautiful washes and fine lines with ease. One incredible long round…for a world of colorful applications.

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