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Rob Prior Paints with Umbria Brushes

Rob Prior Painting with Princeton Umbria Brushes

Rob Prior is one of the most exciting personalities in the fine art world, with an unrivaled talent for capturing the feel and emotion behind some of our culture’s most iconic figures.

Rob is a comic book artist who has worked with names such as Marvel, D.C., Kevin Eastman, and on projects such as Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Terminator, and Game of Thrones. Also a successful storyboard artist, illustrator, screenwriter, film director, and producer, Rob has worked on many prominent brand campaigns and video games.

As a fine artist, Rob’s passion and background lies in popular culture, bringing favorite characters and icons to life with the stroke of a brush.

Rob discusses his brushes of choice in this video by Graeme Stevenson on Put Some Colour in Your Life.

Rob Prior: Put Some Colour In Your Life:

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