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Put Some Colour in Your Life: Showcasing Global Art

Rob Prior working with Princeton Brushes on Put Some Colour In Your Life TV show

Put Some Colour In Your Life is an Australian international television and web series created by Master Artist, Graeme Stevenson.  The series showcases the talents of artists worldwide, and serves to “preserve a digital record of creative spirit, culture and techniques for future generations”.

Graeme recognized the need for a medium through which to present the works of creative minds in a digital age when art galleries and exhibitions are less frequented, and the Internet reigns a primary form of access to information, entertainment, and art.  Upon this realization, he conceived the idea of the traveling television show to make global art and artists accessible to all.

The show, known as Colour In Your Life, aired for the first time on national television in 2012 on the Australian network 4ME.  Its website was subsequently developed with the intent of connecting artists across the globe, and now includes a community, forum, artist network, galleries, shop, business directory, and blog.

The show has also been picked up by networks in New Zealand, Sky TV, Foxtel Aurora 183, and Virgin Airways worldwide, and is currently in its 14th season.

Episodes and more information about the show can be found on the Put Some Colour In Your Life website:

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