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Plein Air Watercolor Artist David Eger

9Watercolor artist David Eger is known for his plein air watercolor impressionist paintings. A former cinematographer and photographer, David has always taken an interest in art, and began painting seriously 4 years ago.

“My first experience with plein air was shooting a small film for a gallery on John Modesitt, a plein air impressionist from California. We interviewed him and then shot him painting plein air. When I started painting, I would watch a lot of videos online and most of the people would be painting inside.”

“Then I stumbled across a Meetup group that painted plein air every Sunday in different locations around town. The organizer, Ron Donoughe, is a full-time plein air artist. One Sunday I decided to check it out, so I grabbed my middle daughter, who was 5 at the time, along with her Fisher Price easel and my French easel, and went to paint with them. (My daughter and I paint together all the time). They were all very supportive, and there were people painting in Oil, Pastel, Acrylic and Watercolor. It was really fun.”

“Painting plein air had helped me to become less self-conscious about my work. In your kitchen (where I paint when I am inside usually), you can paint and people are only going to see the finished piece, and only if you want them to. Painting plein air, anyone can come up at any time and see your work. It’s a little terrifying and a little liberating at the same time. It opens you up to questions and comments from complete strangers. More times than not, when I am out [painting] I end up in a conversation with people about my work or painting plein air. You have to be able to handle that.”

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