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Painting Shoes with Kickstradomis

Painting Shoes with Kickstradomis

image6Sal “Kickstradomis” Amezcua is a shoe designer and artist based out of Los Angeles, California. I had the fortune of meeting Sal in person at the NAMTA (National Art Materials Trade Association ) show in Houston this year.  Sal is a combination of many qualities that create a successful artist. He is talented, hardworking, passionate and just a really great person, not to mention the fact he loves to share what he does with others.

 Sal has been in the art scene since age of 4 when he began to create his own comic books and although designing shoes is his focus, he also enjoys painting canvas and  graphic design. Sal’s custom design work includes companies such as Coca Cola, Sprite and Slim Jim to name a few, with an extensive client network of professional athletes and celebrities.

We are honoured to say that Sal works with two of our brush lines. Princeton Select #3750 as well as our Mini-detailers Series #3050.

“I like both the lines of brushes because of the way they take the paint and how the detail brushes meet my every need in the artwork dept. I haven’t had any issues. They also are very easy to clean and the quality is amazing.”


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