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Painting Big with Redline

Princeton received this wonderful letter from artist Brett Crawford regarding our Redline brush series. Discover Brett at

My name is Brett Crawford and I want to thank you. I started making art again 3 years ago and just painted my second mural of the year in Los Angeles California.

I was very nervous to paint big again especially with the surge of street art popularity and the ridiculous amount of talent that is crawling around Los Angeles making incredible murals. My sister bought me a full set of Princeton mural brushes as a Christmas present to give her big brother a push.

I was having my first solo show and was asked to paint a mural on the outside of the gallery. The wall was 45’ x 15’ and it seemed gigantic. About 2 hours in, self doubt was in full effect. I decided not to use a projector or grid the wall and it seemed like a really bad idea at that point. I pulled out the Princeton brushes my sister bought for me and went to work. Five hours later I was much happier with how the piece was looking.

The brushes are great! They are easy to hold and make blending, cutting and scrubbing really fun. I can’t give Princeton all the credit but I can say that my confidence in the piece was greatly helped by the ease of use of these brushes.

I thanked my sister but I also wanted to thank you too.

Attached is a portion of a video made of me doing the mural using the brushes and a link to the full video made by my friend Badir McCleary.

Sincerely, Brett Crawford

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