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Miniature Paintings: Kendra’s Customs

Hummingbird Micro Art Kendra Thomas

Kendra Thomas is an artist and businesswoman best known for her wearable art.  She paints custom artwork on shoes, handbags, wallets, and coffee tumblers.    One of her most recent projects is her collection of miniature paintings.  Kendra uses Princeton’s 3050 mini-detailers to complete the fine feathers and realistic images found below.

Bluejay Miniature Paintings Kendra Thomas  Miniature Paintings Kendra Thomas  Dessert Micro Art Kendra Thomas

As an artist, Kendra loves to challenge herself creatively.  Her miniature art allows her to do just that, as she works incredible detail into paintings a fraction of the size of her traditional artworks.

Her tiny paintings are inspired by a variety of subjects including animals, birds, food, shoes, and other objects.

Kendra’s miniature paintings, as well as her wearable and traditional art, can be found in her Etsy shop, Kendra’s Customs.

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