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Landscape Artist Johnathan Harris Tests New Aspen Brushes

Resplendent Southwest Acrylic Painting by Johnathan Harris - Princeton Artist Brush Co.

American landscape artist, Johnathan Harris, has been painting professionally for 20 years. In addition to working on commissions for corporate clients, he has begun a new body of work focusing on the landscapes of Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park. He says, “Large canvases can only truly capture the beauty and grandeur of that magical region, so I am working on some large format pieces. The first of those pieces should be coming out in autumn.”

Fields of Gold Acrylic Painting by Johnathan Harris - Princeton Artist Brush Co.

Johnathan recently tried our new Aspen brush line, which is a next-generation evolved synthetic bristle brush with non-glare ferrules. He says, “These brushes are of the highest quality and maintain their shape and integrity after many demanding uses.  The filbert and round brushes are some of my favorites to use because they keep their shape and allow for great control.”

Johnathan Harris Amsterdam Autumn Acrylic Painting - Princeton Artist Brush Co.

Describing his painting process, he explains, “I start my paintings from dark to light, working slowly from shadow to light to bring out the many layers of the landscape. I work from photos I take after visiting the locations that inspire me. I use several different brush types and sizes as well several pallet knives to create the texture and flow of the work.”

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