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by Kaitlyn Bonack

Featured Oil Painting Brush: New Long Handle Velvetouch Series

With all the love that the Velvetouch series 3950 has gotten, we knew we needed to make a long handle version for oil painting and acrylic lovers out there! So, we created 30 long handle brushes to add to the series. With the same features as your favorite short handle Velvetouch brushes, the long handles make them ideal for oil, acrylic, and mixed media painting on canvas!

Brush Characteristics

When you want to use oil or acrylic paint you need a great brush that will stand up against heavy paint! Princeton Velvetouch Long Handle Brushes have a smooth signature handle and short bristles. These brushes offer more comfort and control on larger art pieces like canvas, plein air, and portraiture.

Here are the characteristics of Velvetouch Long Handle brushes that make them perfect for oil and acrylic artists:

  • Fine points
  • Great spring and snap
  • Nickel-plated brass ferrules
  • Velvetouch comfortable soft-touch wood handle
  • Animal friendly brush hair

Brush Hair for Oil Painting

The hairs of Velvetouch Long Handle brushes are made with luxury synthetic filaments. They are the result of years of research and development by Naohide Takamoto, a fifth-generation brush maker, and the grandson of the inventor of Taklon. Our goal is to offer the finest synthetics that outperform their natural hair equivalents.

Velvetouch brush hairs hold a good amount of pigment and water and supply a nice, even release of color, making painting a breeze!

Brush Shapes

The Velvetouch Long Handle line includes a full range of traditional shapes, plus specialty brushes such as liners and fans. Each brush shape is crafted with its own unique blend of luxury synthetic filaments to enhance performance. The following are the eight shapes in the series:

  • New Blooms Brush: We created this brush in collaboration with Ambassador Jenna Rainey to bring you a new brush shape perfect for painting florals! The innovative bristles with a size 12 filbert shape (long bristles with round edges) allow for beautiful leaves, petals, and other foliage motifs in one stroke.
  • Angle Bright: The angle bright is available in sizes 6 and 12 with a short, angled, straight edge. It is great for transitioning mid stroke from thin to thick lines.
  • Bright: The bright brush is available in sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12. It’s short, straight edge bristle allow for strong color placement with hard edges.
  • Fan: Offered in a size 4, this brush has long bristles in an arc. It’s perfect for quickly painting hair, shrubbery, grass, or trees.
  • Filbert: The filbert brush comes in sizes 4, 6, 8, and 10. With its flat shape and rounded edges it works well for strong color placement with soft edges.
  • Flat: Offered in sizes 2/0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 16, the flat brush has straight edge bristles. Use it for strong color placement with hard edges.
  • Liner: The liner comes in a size 2 with long thin bristles. It is perfect for precise lines with edges, blades of grass, tree branches, and more.
  • Round: You can get this classic shape in sizes 2/0, 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10. Its long bristles taper to a point which allows you to paint flowing details and broad strokes.

If you have tried our Velvetouch Long Handles brushes for oil painting, let us know what you think! Tag us on social media @princetonbrush so we can see what you create with them.

Featured art by Kelly Baskin.

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