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Featured Brush: Umbria Series 6250 Special Synthetic

Princeton Umbria Series 6200 6250

The short-handled Princeton Umbria Series 6250 is one of our most popular brush lines.  It delivers exceptional performance when used with medium to heavy viscosity paints, though it can also be used effectively with casein, oil-based, and gouache-opaque watercolor.  A favorite of acrylic and oil painters alike, its signature velvet handle offers comfort and style to the discerning artist.

David Lidbetter paints with Princeton Umbria Short-Handle Brush

Canadian landscape artist, David Lidbetter, says, “I like to use the Umbria™ Tip-Dyed series brushes when glazing with oil colors or where a softer touch is needed. What I like most about this line is the way the brushes hold their sharp tip and edges even when using solvents or mediums. When I need a clean, controlled, sharp edge in a painting, such as the edge of a building, this is the brush I reach for. When I scumble on textures in rocks, old buildings, and evergreen trees, this brush provides the lightest touch and just drops the paint along the texture of the canvas, fleshing out the object. I also like the Velvetouch™ handles — they feel secure in my hand and are a pleasure to hold.”

The synthetic blend of hair provides medium to firm stiffness, allowing for excellent control and precision.  The tip-dyed brushes are available in a range of 9 different shapes and a variety of sizes.

Princeton Umbria Series 6200 6250

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