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Featured Artist: Electric Eunice

Eunice began her career as a watercolor artist and calligrapher when looking for a creative outlet to her day job in marketing. She attended a pen-lettering workshop, then became interested in watercolor and continued on her adventures of pursuing creating and painting things that make her happy. Known for painting house plants, witty captioned pieces and sharing her fun personality online, Electric Eunice is simply that… electric! Take a read at our interview with the spunky artist whose approach to painting the every-day joys is inspiring individuals everywhere to creatively express themselves.

When did you start painting and what inspired you start?

In 2014 I began to look for a creative outlet outside of my marketing role and decided to take a pointed pen modern calligraphy workshop. I fell in love with calligraphy and began to explore more mediums that I could use to do lettering! That’s when watercolor entered my life – the colors, fluidity, blending – all made me fall in love with the medium and eventually led me to illustration. I started to look and be inspired by something everyday so I could create at least one thing per day, before I knew it, I had started a portfolio of watercolor house plants, clothing, and finding joy in the small every-day things that bring people in general together.

What’s the best piece of art advice you’ve been given?

I have received this same advice from multiple people and it is to focus on your creative journey, trust yourself and your own knowledge and you WILL be successful. In this day of living a picture perfect life on social media, many of us get caught in vanity metrics, the grass being greener on the other side and losing focus on our own purpose. When this happens, we need to focus back on what will feed our own souls, what we are passionate about and what our individual goals are – that is what will drive you to be a successful anything – artist, entrepreneur, human being, friend, mom, wife and more 🙂

What are your favorite Princeton brushes?

I LOVE the Neptune line because they truly ARE the thirstiest brushes! The amount of water they can hold is amazing and they are my favorite to blend with to create unique and beautiful washes and abstract pieces. They are also incredibly versatile and great for detail work. I truly feel like a fancy artist using the Neptune line.

I also love the Heritage line for everyday painting. The brushes are versatile, durable, and long lasting – you won’t lose that point on your round Heritage brushes that you need for all of those details!

What’s your favorite piece of art that you’ve created? Why?

Oh man this is a hard one, I’d have to say recently it was a lion and tropical greenery piece I made for a previous wedding client’s baby girl on the way’s nursery! I also tend to really love the pieces I get to make for my own friends’ and family’s special events.

What’s one art tip that you can share with our audience?

One tip I’d share is, if you’re looking to learn and improve on your painting or lettering skills (or rather any skill), take joy in spending just a little time each day either painting or writing something! Honestly, the best way to learn is just to do it. When you start building that desire to want to create each day, you’ll look for the resources and spend time honing in on your skills to paint that watercolor sunset, or write that favorite quote. You might have to do it a couple of times before you are happy with it – but the point is, you’re one step closer to becoming the artist you want to be! Don’t think about it as practice – think about it as a fun challenge where you get to finish the day with a completed piece.

What do you look for when you’re looking for something to draw?

Honestly – I look for things that will make me happy! So, if I feel like painting a pair of high-waist mom jeans – I’m going to do it! If I saw a flirty palm tree outside my window at dinner, I’m going to paint it! Just saw a new Marvel movie? Probably going to paint a character from it! Throughout the day I’ll often jot down notes of things that make me happy and to paint that week.

What artists influence your work most?

There are so many incredible artists out there and I’m inspired by so many different ones! I’m inspired by musical influences like Sara Bareilles, Janelle Monáe, Lady Gaga, and Ingrid Michelson. Some of my favorite artists are Lauren of Hom Sweet Hom, Anna Rifle Bond of Rifle Paper Co, Gray Malin, Esther Peck and Libby Vanderploeg.

What is your creative process like?

I am definitely a morning person and being a California girl, always drawn to the sun. So I love painting under the natural sunlight, with a cup of coffee in the quiet of the morning. When starting a piece, I typically spend quite a bit of time researching the object, looking at photos, comparing views and then thinking about how I will paint it in my own style. Then comes choosing colors, size of paper and then mapping out my piece. If my piece needs some sketching, I’ll do that and then get ready to paint! I like to finish pieces in one sitting, and often like to come back to it the next day to see if I need to add anything else. Sometimes even taking a picture of my piece and looking at the photo will help me spot any discrepancies, and even make me start all over again (gasp, I know)

To learn more about Eunice, visit her website HERE.

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