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A Message From Howard


Twenty five years after starting Princeton Artist Brush Company, I am writing my first President’s Corner message.  Hopefully, better late than never. Future messages on this new web site will focus primarily on brushes but this inaugural message is about people.  I owe thanks to many.

First and foremost, my family who for many years allowed me to fill our home with many thousands of brushes.  I will never forget the smile on my wife’s face when the business moved into a warehouse and home became home sweet home. Our sales and marketing team, the conduit with our retail partners and thanks also to you, the art community. You know what the product should do and when it doesn’t, I appreciate the constructive comments.

Today, we are one of the largest brush suppliers in North America but like twenty five years ago,  I am still easily accessible.  I answer every e-mail and welcome the opportunity to always be of assistance.

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