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Tanya Bond

Meet Tanya Bond of Ireland. We first came across her work through the Facebook page Bad Apple Artist Collective.

Company Name: Tanya‘s Charming Creatures

Preferred Medium: I love to discover new art media and never stop exploring, right now I’m working a lot in oils, pen and ink, graphite and coloured pencils

What would you call your ‘style’? Pop Surrealism


What qualities make your art distinctively you? I’m trying to capture emotion in my art, I want the viewer to feel connected to it, share this strong intangible feeling with the portrait, and I think that’s what makes my art distinctive.

When do you create? I have four small children and the only time that’s left for me to create is late at night, it’s not ideal, but I enjoy every minute of it!


What do you do when you hit a creative block? I feel that just like the night follows the day it’s natural also to take rest from creativity. I take it easy and enjoy this contemplative time as I know after each break creative juices explode into something new and wonderful when the right time comes.

Do you teach? What and why? I teach art in Irish Midlands to children and adults.

What do you listen to when you create? Being a busy mom and an artist leaves little time for reading, and that’s why I listen to audiobooks when I’m painting.


Tell us about any commercial art endeavors: I use print on demand sites a lot as I think it’s a great idea to make my art go further and reach more audiences. My biggest and most up-to-date POD representatives are Zazzle and Red Bubble

I also have my art available as cross stitch kits with GeckoRouge –

Find our more about Tanya’s art at her Etsy shop – and her Facebook page –

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