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Artist Spotlight: Nina Hidalgo

Nina Hidalgo Princeton Brush

We have had the pleasure of working with Nina Hidalgo for a couple of months now and are already so blown away by her talent and love for the art.  Nina is one of our latest Ambassadors and truth be told, her talent and art were only two of the reasons we have chosen to work with Nina. Her infectious energy and kindness shows in everything that she does. Her tiny pieces of work are unique, colorful, happy and beautiful.

When did you start painting and what inspired you start? I am already into arts and crafts ever since I was a child. I like drawing and paper folding, I even remember having sketches in my notes of what the lesson for the day was about. I started with Modern Calligraphy in watercolors sometime in the last quarter of 2015 in preparation for our DIY wedding invites. My liking to expressing my feelings through arts has been continuous until I gave birth in 2017 – but regained myself back when my first born hit her 6th month. I get inspired by my thoughts which aren’t easy to explain through words.

What’s the best piece of art advice you’ve been given? Practice makes progress. I know, it has been said, read and printed everywhere but it is indeed through practice that makes us progress. *wink*

What are your favorite Princeton brushes? My favorite and most treasured brush set from Princeton is the Velvetouch Mini Series, from the handles to the ferule to the bristles. I love everything about that brush set! They are perfect for my tiny paintings.


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What’s your favorite piece of art that you’ve created? Why? My tiny portrait painting of Frida Kahlo. It made me go to a place where peace and serenity can be found, that’s why it’s my favorite. And that’s one of the best feelings for me.

What’s one art tip that you can share with our audience? The tip I will and always will be sharing is the same that works for me, practice makes progress.

What do you look for when you’re looking for something to paint? I look for my daughter, she must be full and ready for play time for me to do my stuff. Haha kidding aside, what I look for when I’m looking for something to draw is the relevance of the subject to what I feel at the moment to make sure results will satisfy myself because I don’t like wasting materials. Did I say that most of my artworks have no physical drafts? 🙂

What artists influence your work most? Our local artists like Nelson Castillo and Anina Rubio.

What is your creative process like? It’s a happy escape. A quick visit to the very core of myself which has a set of different emotions and that helps reflect what I feel through my artworks.

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