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Artist Spotlight: Mark Keathley

Lake Solitude by Mark Keathley on Princeton Artist Brush Co.

Mark Keathley has been painting professionally since the age of twenty. His beautiful landscape, western, and wildlife art has its own distinct style, easily recognized by fans. He attributes his success to hard work and a passion for creating reality within his art.

Mark is passionate about sharing his creative talent and passing his skills to others. He has been teaching workshops in the Victoria Art League for ten years and believes it to be the “ultimate creative challenge.” He states, “Painting is a process of learning that never ends. The facets of understanding can be explored and pondered for decades.”

Praying for America by Mark Keathley on Princeton Artist Brush Co.

Describing his process, Mark explains, “I do preliminary work in acrylic, blocking in the form, and overall mood/light quickly. Changes are much easier in acrylic because of the short dry time. After a couple of hours, I can [see how it will look], and then paint over it in oils. There are no areas [in my paintings] where the acrylics show on canvas or panels.”

A fan of our Aspen series brushes, Mark notes, “They have just the right flex and stiffness that I like. Some brushes are too soft for thick oils; some bristles are too stiff and scratch the paint down to the canvas. I find the Princeton Aspen just right!”

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Praying for America by Mark Keathley on Princeton Artist Brush Co.

Currently, Mark travels to small “print galleries” meeting collectors and signing/sketching on the back of their canvas giclées. “I recently visited Myrtle Beach, Charleston, and Savannah, and departed with new inspirations that I can’t even begin to get on canvas fast enough.”

Through his work, Mark hopes to inspire others to “be still” and live in the present moment. “There is definitely a connection where we are all looking into a world seen from the same perspective,” Mark says. “[Although] everyone has their own background, angle of perspective, or understanding… the artist simplifies the world and unifies those that view his world.”

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