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Alex Loza

Meet Alex Loza, a representational artist currently living in Collegedale, TN. For the past 17 years he has had the privilege to be commissioned to paint numerous portraits for private collectors throughout the United States, Canada and Latin America. He has participated along other muralists in several public art projects around the Chicago and Chattanooga area. For many years he volunteered his artistic and anatomical skills to develop several composite sketches (composite imagery) for the Chicago Police Department (CPD).

Alex has been involved with his community by offering classes, workshops and demos from his home-studio. He is an art facilitator for Mark Making, an organization that uses public art projects to empower individuals and together help transform our communities. In 2013 he volunteered in the restoration of the Historic Engel Stadium outfield walls after the movie “42” honoring Jackie Robinson was filmed. Since the Fall of 2013 Alex been working as an Adjunct Faculty at Lee University in Cleveland, TN where he teaches basic and advance classes in drawing, painting and figure drawing.

Company Name: Loza Studio & Atelier of Figurative Art

Preferred Medium: oil paints, oil based clay & polymer clay

Favorite Tools?: Expressionist Confidant Palette from New Wave Art, Catalyst Mini-blades, Gessobord from Ampersand Art Supply, painting brushes from Princeton Artist Brush Co. and Rosemary & Co. Artists Brushes, I also enjoy painting with some old palette knifes from Utrecht.

What are you currently working on? I’m trying to finish my Self-portrait as well as researching and sketching new ideas for an upcoming series.


Painting my life-size self-portrait (still in progress) Oil on canvas 30″ x 36″

I would say my Self-Portrait. The reason why it is my favorite is because it is my first life-size self-portrait that I’m painting. I feel that this painting is teaching me several valuable lessons. I started this project back in July 2012 but unfortunately I was forced to stay away from my studio for almost a year due to an automobile collision caused by an irresponsible driver. I was impossible to paint because my left arm (I’m lefty) will go numb and it was painful to hold my posture. Then last year I decided to tweak the idea of the portrait so I spent many months researching about my family ancestry and my Peruvian roots. Thankfully I’ve found plenty of information that will help accomplish my new goal. This portrait will not only portray my resemblance but it will also embody my rich ancestral background.

How does your work space effect your work? What do you require for a workspace.  


Using Catalyst tools to sculpt an 18″ Écorché demo for June’s 2015 Summer Camp at Chattanooga Christian School (CCS) in Chattanooga, TN

I like the idea of having a spacious studio space; big enough to organize myself. My current studio is of a reasonable size, it measure 464square feet. I’ve divided it into 6 working stations: painting, paint making, sculpting , library & storage, wood working and teaching.

What do you do when you hit a creative block?  I look at old sketches, take long walks, other times I read books or listen to a variety of music from different cultures and eras.

Do you teach? I do. I’m an adjunct art professor at Lee University in Cleveland, TN. I also offer classes and workshops at my studio, Loza Studio &Atelier of Figurative Art, and at Art Creations, Chattanooga’s oldest and largest art retail store. The subjects I teach are intro and advanced drawing and painting, sculpting as well as artistic human anatomy and figure drawing.

Tell us about any commercial art endeavors: In the past I have been commissioned on occasion by public art agencies in Chattanooga to collaborate in painting large public murals. In 2013 I volunteered in the restoration of the Historic Engel Stadium outfield walls after the movie “42” honoring Jackie Robinson was filmed. I currently proposed the idea of a 3-part mural project to the city leaders in my hometown, Collegedale, TN. Thankfully they’ve unanimously approved the idea and agreed to match every dollar that I raise for this project. More info in this link!collegedalegreenwaymurals/c251s

For many years I volunteered my artistic and anatomical skills to develop several composite sketches (composite imagery) for the Chicago Police Department (CPD).

You use Princeton Artist Brushes and Catalyst tools. What qualities do you like about them?  I incorporate Princeton’s filbert brushes in my paintings. A few months ago I was introduced to the Catalyst tools; so I decided to experiment with them in my latest sculpture. Since the first time I used them I was very pleased with their flexibility and their strength to shape and give texture to the clay. These tools substituted many of my old and favorite sculpting tools. I would encourage any sculptor to give them an try.


30 min demos for my painting class

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