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Art With Purpose: Shree Bellur

Princeton Artist Spotlight: Shree Bellur

Shree BellurShree Bellur is a self-taught artist whose vibrant-colored pieces are inspired by her Indian heritage and simple elements of nature.  Shree has been painting since she was 10 years old, and aims to create art with meaning. Using a variety of mediums such as oil, cold wax with pigments, alcohol ink, acrylic ink and water color, the multilayered style of her pieces provide a three dimensional feel.

Shree conveys purpose through her work, noting, “Creating art transports me to a place of beauty and peace, and that is strongly reflected in my creations. My art compels people to take a deep breath, slow down and be one with their surroundings, creating a positive and uplifting experience by being mindful and living in the present moment.”

She is an active participant in her community, through volunteering and donating art to charitable organizations such as The Animal Guardian Society (TAGS) and Victoria Angel Registry of Hope Public Cord Blood Bank.

Shree used the Princeton Catalyst™ Series (Wedges, Blades, Contours and Mini Blades) to complete these pieces from her Tranquility Series: “Born Free” & “Mesmerized”, which were created using oil with cold beeswax and pigment on a wooden panel.

“Princeton Catalyst™ series is my favorite. This series brings out the textures that I have in mind when I am creating my art pieces, and creates the depth I am looking for in a painting. The Wedges, Blades, Contours and  Mini Blades are pliable and easy to clean. Perfect series for my kind of artwork!”

"Born Free", cold wax and oil painting by Shree Bellur. Princeton Artist Spotlight: Art With Purpose                    "Mesmerized", cold wax and oil painting by Shree Bellur. Princeton Artist Spotlight: Art With Purpose

Art With Purpose: Shree Bellur

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