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3 Watercolor Paint Brushes for Painting en Plein Air

“The Elite series sable brushes have a wonderful fine point and carry a lot of water and pigment for bold, beautiful washes and I’m equally taken with the Neptune series of synthetic brushes and I can be more aggressive and tougher on them and they continue to perform beautifully.“

–Mick McAndrews


Elite – Finest Synthetic Kolinsky

Princeton’s Elite™ series is a synthetic-hair paint brush that closely resembles natural Kolinsky. Aside from the more affordable price, it is the performance of this new synthetic hair technology that makes Princeton Elite™ the new standard for discerning watercolor artists.

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Neptune – Synthetic Squirrel

Paintings by Vladimir London

Neptune is known for its resemblance to natural squirrel hair, and is more durable and affordable than natural squirrel. The full belly holds a tremendous amount of paint and water, offering a beautiful release of color.

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Velvetouch™ is comprised of a multiple-filament, synthetic blend of hair which has incredible spring as well as water holding capacity. The truly unique facet of Velvetouch is the Long Round which has a fine extra- long taper allowing for both a full belly and fine point. The smooth Velvetouch handle provides a comfortable, luxurious feel.

Artwork by Barbara Tapp

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