Yen Griba

Yen Griba, also known as SincerelyYen is a watercolor and lettering artist based in the Philippines.

She started her art journey in 2018, when she first discovered her interest in watercolor painting. This was her pastime, a way to relax, and release stress. With constant practice (even moments of self- doubt, failures and frustrations), she later on developed her skill and discovered her own style of painting.

In the same year, she created her Instagram art account, SincerelyYen where she shares all her artworks. Most of her subjects are floral wreaths and bouquets with uplifting quotes and Bible verses. Her artworks are driven by the desire to inspire and encourage others and spread positivity. She finds inspiration from anything she sees – the sky, the news, the weather and even her lunch.

It is through her art account that she discovered a deeper purpose for painting – to be used as God’s instrument in touching the lives of other people through her art.

Her 9AM – 6PM job as a Certified Public Accountant did not stop her from pursuing and sharing her passion. She is teaching in private and group workshops on brush lettering and on floral watercolor painting. She also has courses on Skillshare and shares video tutorials on Youtube. She believes that our gifts and talents are purposely created not just for ourselves but to inspire, encourage and help those around us, too.

Her favorite art materials are round brushes from the Heritage Series and Neptune line.

You can find out more about Yen by visiting her Youtube Channel, Skillshare Classes and her Instagram Page.