Sarah Simon

Sarah Simon

Sarah Simon is the Designer, Artist Illustrator and Author at TheMintGardener. Finding inspiration in the ever-blooming variety of textures and colors in her urban garden, Sarah creates and teaches lush Watercolors inspired by the diverse variety of herbs, flowers, and trees grown in her yard. With a continually blooming following of botanical and art lovers alike, Sarah shares her teaching talents locally in Seattle, where she regularly instructs Watercolor Classes to students of all skill levels. Her teaching has received international attention with her online painting courses in the Watercolor Summit and on Skillshare.

Sarah’s work has been featured in many publications and blogs worldwide, and has been celebrated in the form of commercial product design, stationery, textiles and wholesale and private commissions. Her books “Modern Watercolor Botanicals” and “The Plant Lady” Coloring Book were released November 2019, and a national book tour around the USA in 2020 is in the works. Sarah loves to garden with her partner Colin and her two little girls on their urban farm, and enjoys seeking quiet moments for sketching and painting, making small bouquets of flowers and herbs, or reading.

She loves Jesus, and exploring new places, especially any adventures that are near the ocean. And yes, she does enjoy the gloomy gray days a bit more than the hot, sunny ones.

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