Sandy & Steve Pell

Sandy & Steve Pell

PELLVETICA is an artistic collaboration duo run by the Canadian husband and wife team, Sandy Pell and Steve Pell. The two creatives combine their unique experiences and artistic styles in an attempt to find beauty and balance between opposition. They aim to marry their respective backgrounds in graphic design, illustration, and photography to create engaging, large-scale mural experiences.

PELLVETICA has collaborated with numerous global brands, including Google, Boeing Canada, Hootsuite, Clearly, City of Vancouver, Free People, Chronic Ink, Royal Canadian Mint, City of Guelph, Parker Residences (New York), L.A Care Health Plan (Los Angeles), among others.

Their murals have garnered a reputation within the interior design community and have since contributed to winning awards for the Top 10 of the World’s Coolest Offices, The Top 10 Coolest Offices in Canada, and SHINE Annual IDIBC Awards of Excellence by the Interior Designers Institute of BC.

In 2017, Sandy and Steve Pell were both selected by Lürzer’s Archive as two of the Top 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide, the celebrated creative resource for advertising professionals worldwide. The two reside in Kitchener, Ontario with their fluffy white husky and orange tabby cat.

Artist Statement

PELLVETICA’s high contrast art style combines an underlying logical grid system and an intuitive organic pattern overlay. This approach finds an intersection between order and chaos. No stroke is less important than any other, yet all are needed to create the whole experience.

We are inspired by the varied reactions our artwork conjures in people, whether the art is an interactive mural, a fine-art painting or print, apparel graphics, or objects like skis and bike frames. We’ve had reactions to our work that span feelings of peace, empowerment, confidence, stress, passion, anxiety, and even chaos–none of which are wrong interpretations.

Our ultimate goal is to help people worldwide experience a moment beyond words.