Nono Garcia

Nono García (Mula, Murcia SPAIN, 1972)

Nono García was born in the Murcian city of Mula (Spain). Since he was little he developed his artistic and aesthetic sense; dedicated entirely to painting as a modus vivendi around the turn of the century, when he gave himself fully to the brush, to the reflections of light and color. Over the years he has become an accomplished painter of still lifes and urban landscapes, as well as nature with watercolor and mixed media techniques. In the southeast of the peninsula he is a current reference and an artist associated with the New Renewed Figuration.

His good work has led him to work as a teacher on various occasions. Highlights include the various watercolor courses and masterclasses taught for the municipalities of Mula and Mazarrón, among others, for groups such as Art ici et là, from Bayonne (France); Miram'Art, Toulon (France); for galleries such as Meno Forma (2016), in Kaunas (Lithuania) in the official section of the 6th International Watercolor Biennial "Bridges of the Baltic", as well as in artistic spaces such as Bratec Lis School in Moscow (2015, 2016 and 2017 ), as well as the courses given in the Italian cities of Modena (2016) and in Fabriano (2013) under the title Le trasparenze dell'acqua at the Museo della Carta e della Filigrana, a moment from which he feels linked to Italy and special way to the city of Fabriano, cradle of handmade paper since medieval times, which is why his stays are frequent in the mythical city of the Ancona region.

His perseverance and tenacity have led him to participate in countless individual exhibitions nationally and internationally, including his exhibitions in New York 2011, Moscow 2015, Lithuania 2016, Brussels 2017 and Marseille 2018 among many others.

Over the years his work has been the subject of many mentions and awards in international competitions.