Michael Wall

Michael Wall

Michael Wall is an artist that is constantly looking for an emotional response from his audience when it comes to viewing his work. “I’m far more interested in how my artwork makes a personal feel, compared to making it look pretty.” His moody landscapes (along with other subjects of interest) have bits and pieces of reality within the work but over all have a sense of looseness and abstraction to them. “A lot of people use their eyes to look at art and that’s fine but more importantly, they should be using their soul. The soul can see things that the eye’s cannot.” You can say, it’s almost like having a spiritual experience when encountering Michael’s art.

Artist Statement

I am searching for celestial environments where my soul has a place to dwell. The experience of living can be inordinate. It is difficult to sustain the trials we face day in and day out. Although we may not be unassailable, we do heal, grow, and become stronger as time goes on. We all need a sacred place where we can rejuvenate.

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