Josefina Fernandez

Josefina Fernandez

Josefina Fernandez is a Miami-based, Argentina-born professional fashion illustrator and designer with an international client base. Since beginning a career as a freelance fashion illustrator two years ago, she has already had opportunities to work with famous fashion designers, editors, and high profile brands.

Josefina has been drawing since childhood, and is inspired by art exhibitions, museums, and any sort of fashion ensemble, color combination, or texture that captures her imagination. “As a kid I had the realization that, through sketching, I had the power to create different worlds [and] universes,” Josefina recalls. “If I can sketch it, it comes into existence. I still feel the same way.”

As a fashion illustrator, Josefina is passionate about keeping up with trends and designs by prominent fashion designers and brands. She dresses her doll-like female characters in her favorite fashion pieces, noting, “My girls live in an ideal world, with perfect weather, good hair days every day, a dream closet, ever-blooming cherry blossoms no matter the season, and of course, their lashes on fleek.”

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