Johan Barrios

Johan Barrios

Johan Barrios is a contemporary figurative artist born in Colombia. He studied art and graduated from the Universidad de Antioquia in Medellin, Colombia. Johan’s work consists of oil paintings on canvas and drawings on paper depicting uncomfortable interactions between human subjects and inanimate objects. His work has shown in various countries around the world. He is currently represented locally in Houston, TX by Anya Tish Gallery, and in Denmark by Kirk Gallery. Johan is currently living and working in Houston, Tx.

Artist Statement

I believe that my work, in recent years, has had a profound interest in the subject matter that does not have any type of modification and that also resists voluntary movement. Based on this concept, each of my paintings presents a sculptural sensation in which the actual figures are used as inanimate objects coupled unconsciously by their own weight. There is always a visible interaction manifesting between the subjects, objects in their presence, and the space they have found themselves in. The conversation that takes place becomes intriguing and surreal showing an ethereal moment in time of an accidental relationship in its peak performance.

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