Jenna Rainey

Jenna Rainey

Jenna Rainey is an artist and entrepreneur with her own southern California design agency, Mon Voir. Her business specializes in illustration, watercolor, and calligraphy, for events, stationery, fabrics, and branding products. She also teaches workshops and lessons out of her agency studio and abroad.

With both her mother and grandmother being acrylic painters, Jenna grew up painting and around art supplies. Art was initially a hobby until she began taking jobs for pointed pen calligraphy and illustration. About one year into her career, watercolor became and continues to be Jenna’s medium of choice.

Jenna’s career as an artist began in 2012, when she started posting her paintings on Instagram. She started getting recognized and approached for small calligraphy and stationary jobs, and her business grew along with her Instagram following. With a current following of over 105,000, it’s no surprise that Jenna attributes much of her success to her Instagram client base. She now works out of her agency studio in southern California, and has published a how-to watercolor book, Everyday Watercolor.

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