Jeannie Dickson

Jeannie Dickson

Jeannie is a watercolor and lettering artist, founder of @jeanniedicksondesigns on Instagram where she is mostly known for her unique lettering style and expressive and modern watercolor techniques. As a digital content creator, she has had the opportunity to showcase her art in collaboration with several renowned brands.

Jeannie’s love for art began at an early age. There was nothing more exciting to her as a child than to receive a new box of crayons or any other art supply. Her passion for art grew as she grew! In 2016 Jeannie was introduced to the world of brush lettering and modern calligraphy. She soon realized that she wanted color in her work. Vibrant color! Especially fascinated by watercolor, she began to study the medium almost daily. She began painting expressive floral designs and worked continuously to find her own unique style and technique. This is an intense process, but one that brings her joy.

Creating everyday has become a way of life. Her desire to share her knowledge has led her to create printable materials for others to learn the art of brush lettering and an online course where she introduces watercolor floral painting to new students.

When she’s not painting, Jeannie enjoys spending time with her husband and two young daughters. She currently lives and works in Plano, Texas.

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