Jamie Clark

Jamie Clark is a watercolor artist who specializes in dog portraits. She has always loved art and animals which makes her profession a perfect match.

While always an artist at heart, she didn’t know she wanted to paint pets until much later. She earned her art education degree and discovered her love of watercolors. Then after getting married and having her first child, she began looking for ways to create art as a profession while staying at home. She jumped from digital art, landscapes, house portraits and painting families until she landed on pet portraiture in 2017 and knew she found her place. She has now painted over 1,000 dogs and still gets excited when she starts a new piece.

She loves interacting with pet owners, hearing stories about the animals and strives to capture each personality in her portraits.

She is a wife and mother to three. You can usually find her in her studio with her two dogs curled up at her feet or cuddled up on her lap while she paints.