Grahame Booth

Born, raised and working in Belfast, Grahame Booth is one of Ireland’s best known watercolour painters and tutors. He has taught watercolour for over 30 years at workshops across the world from the USA to India and his paintings have won many national and international awards.

He has written three books on watercolour techniques and has contributed to many others. A fourth book on plein air watercolour will be published in 2025. Grahame also writes regularly for The Artist magazine in the UK and he has a strong online presence including almost 40000 subscribers to his YouTube painting channel.

He considers himself a watercolour impressionist, aiming to capture the feel and atmosphere of a subject, rather than concentrating on too much detail.

“Watercolour is not an easy medium and it is vital that I can trust my materials. My Princeton brushes allow me to do everything I need."