Erica Helder

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Erica Helder is a Canadian artist who creates soft and delicate abstracts in the non-traditional medium of ink.

Erica’s journey as an artist began in childhood, when she was sponsored by community members to study under a local artist. There, she learned the art of oil painting, learning to recreate photos of iconic Canadian landscapes. As she grew up, she  began to experiment with new mediums and styles, eventually coming to rest firmly in the world of abstract ink painting.

Using colour, movement, and negative space, Erica’s art focuses on storytelling and complex human emotion. Working in a collection model, she explores a single concept for months at a time before releasing the pieces to her community of over 30,000 followers. One of her greatest joys in her art career has been connecting with so many people around the world with the help of social media.

Each piece begins with a story told through colour. Mixing alcohol ink, calligraphy ink, acrylic ink, and ground brass with isopropyl, the pieces are largely ‘painted’ with airflow. The most used tools in the studio are Catalyst Wedges; used to mix the inks, guide them across the piece, and to create lines and forms. The wedge #1 touches nearly every piece that comes out of the studio!