Emma Witte

Emma Witte

Emma Witte, also known as Black Chalk Co is a full-time artist from Australia. Emma’s journey with art started in 2015 when she was looking for a creative outlet from the combined pressures of her busy role as an Executive Assistant and her bachelor’s degree. She jumped on Instagram and to her surprise found a welcoming community of beginners and enthusiasts who loved all kinds of art.

Emma’s art obsession started with brush lettering. She has taught workshops all over Australia and overseas, founded Penultimate Magazine, a publication dedicated to lettering and calligraphy and had her first book published in 2018, Brush Lettering from A to Z.

Along the way, Emma began dabbling with watercolour and quickly fell in love with the challenge and excitement of its unpredictable and uncontrollable nature. In 2018 she released a colour theory class online which has since seen thousands of students take part and learn how to turn 3 watercolours into 144. This soon expanded into an online school totally focussed on watercolour, The Watercolour Academy. Emma also has her own handmade paint brand, The Watercolour Factory.

Emma resides in Melbourne with her two furry children Rhodie the dog and Leo the cat. Her favourite thing to paint is animals, and her favourite brushes to paint with are Princeton Heritage.

You can find out more about Emma by visiting her website or finding her on Instagram and YouTube.