Clarice Gomes

Clarice is a YouTube Creator & Watercolour Artist from Toronto, Canada. Originally a graphic and web designer, Clarice started Clarice Gomes Designs as a freelance designer after graduating George Brown College.

Her YouTube channel was created with intentions of ‘giving back’, to share her knowledge on design and watercolour via video tutorials. The watercolour videos took off and grew. Over lock-downs Clarice started doing YouTube lives every Sunday. And over time, her community grew and she soon ventured into online monthly classes and watercolour challenges.

Once lock-downs eased up Clarice thought it would be a fun and therapeutic experience to paint amidst nature – a rose farm or a vineyard – while sipping on wine or tea, with friends. This is how ‘Watercolour in the Vineyard’ started. Teaming together, wine and watercolour, amidst some gorgeous winery views in Niagara Wine Country, Ontario. Her hope was to provide a relaxing experience while making lots of memories and spreading the joy of watercolour.

Clarice still puts out YouTube tutorials on a weekly basis, hoping to continue spreading the joy of watercolour for those worldwide. She also has available selective (giclee) prints of her work, in hopes of spreading joy and light to wherever they may go.

“I firmly believe, art is therapy and it has no rules. If you paint for fun and keep an open mind, you have the most satisfying feeling of accomplishment that is priceless.”