Ciprian Calbeaza

Ciprian Calbeaza

My name is Ciprian Calbeaza, I am a self-taught artist, Romania based artist. I graduated the art high school in 2005. Specializing in realistic human portraits, pet portraits and botanical illustrations. As well i love to painting and drawing wildlife.

I find my inspiration in everything, especially from nature, flowers, botanicals, forest, animals, and clouds are a few of my favorite things to paint and draw them. I’m working in watercolor, acrylic and colored pencil, I pride myself on my realism, attention for details and ability to capture not only the personality but the emotion behind the eyes of each individual human portraits or pet portraits.

I take commissions from anywhere in the world and will always ensure that your artwork will make it safely to your address. As well, I can provide limited edition prints for different occasions, that can be offered to your family and friends.

I started to paint and draw, from a young age. But my art career officially started during the end of 2013, when I got an opportunity to exhibit my paintings in my home town and after in different places around the world, like Switzerland and London. In all this time I took commissioned artworks from around the world.

Two years ago I started painting denim jacket. It all began with the desire for artistic expression and love for art. These hand-painted denim jackets are dedicated to all those who want to stand out through original and unique artistic creation. Offer more color to your own style, no matter what the circumstances, whether it’s an evening walk or a party or any other event.

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