Christian Koivumaa

Christian Koivumaa (b. 1978) grew up in the northern parts of Sweden and early on pursued a career as an athlete in the sport of Karate. After a successful career on the international arena Koivumaa retired early due to injuries. A new chapter awaited as he entered the world of art with the same dedication that led him to success in sports.

After almost 20 years in the world art many consider Christian Koivumaa a master of watercolors. With a steady hand, he manages to depict something very elusive - the play of shadows among the city's warming streets, the mysterious northern lights above the tops of the spruce forests & the breathtaking expanses of the northern mountain ranges. If you look closer, you will find both outstanding details & a mysterious depth, filled with the longing that we all carry within us, which Koivumaa has made an art to capture on the paper. Volatile, abstract and rock-solid. Christian Koivumaa is a potentially timeless artist whose artwork can continue to attract generations of art lovers as it both depicts our time and at the same time manages to capture the eternal.

The spectacular and mysterious northern lights are a recurring motif in Koivumaa's art. The Northern Lights have an incredibly special place in his heart as they remind Christian Koivumaa of his childhood roots in the magical natural landscape of Tornedalen. In the sky we reflect ourselves and in the motifs, we see people looking up in deep wonder at the play of the northern lights under the vault of stars.

Watercolor is a difficult technique that requires deep concentration and presence of the artist. As a watercolor painter, you often compete against time, which is something Christian Koivumaa knows well as a former elite athlete in karate. Christian exhibits his art regularly on national and international venues. Besides creating art he also teach others through online platforms. Over 15 000 students have taken his courses across the world.