Alexandra MacVean

Alexandra MacVean

Alexandra MacVean is a freelance illustrator, designer and entrepreneur. Besides her own design and illustration business, she and her husband launched a new joint agency – Londonberrie. Her work focuses on creating stationery, home décor, children’s books, as well as branding products using illustration, watercolor and acrylics.

She also has a passion for teaching workshops with children and adults and has been doing so for the past 2 years both online and in her community.

Alexandra has inspired many women, men and children across the world with her incredible story of overcoming child abuse and domestic violence. Her determination and perseverance has propelled her into the dream life she now lives as an illustrator working from home. In the Spring of 2014, her life came to a halt and was forced to temporarily drop out of college one month prior to graduating, due to a horrific car accident. She spent the following 10 months recovering at home. In the Fall of 2014, her professors began to tutoring her and in the Spring of 2015, Alexandra graduated with HONORS. Since then, her career has exploded and she’s now an award-winning children’s illustrator and designer.

Married to her best friend and confidant, Michael (graphic designer by day and illustrator by night), who continually inspires her artistically as an illustrator. Sharing a love of family and tea, they can often be found together each drawing works of whimsy, while cozied up with their sweet Scottish Terrier, Brendel.

Alexandra’s illustration goals are to inspire, uplift and encourage individuals, both children and adults, by bringing hope and joy to their daily lives through her work

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