Flat Brushes

Explore various flat shapes and how they can be used.

Flat Shader

Flat Shader artist brush

Flat shader artist brushes

Flat Shaders are medium in length compared to shorter length chisel blenders and strokes which are longer.

Use on the flat side for filling in areas of color or chiseled edge for creating thin lines.


Filbert artist brush

Filbert artist brushes

Similar to a Flat Shader with a rounded versus a straight across tip, for creating soft edges like a rose petal

Angular Shader

Angular shader artist brush

Angular shader artist brushes

Blending in tight areas, creates crisp edges and precise control, can also make lines


Wash/glaze artist brush

Wash/glaze artist brushes

Broad strokes, base coating, applying color to larger areas like backgrounds

Chisel Blenders

Chisel blender artist brush

Chisel blender artist brushes

Short controlled strokes, more precise placement of color than a Shader, recommended for detail work

Mottler/Bristle Bright

Mottler Bristle Bright artist brush

Mottler Bristle Bright artist brush

Hold large amounts of paint, cover large surface areas, commonly used for murals and washes


Stroke shaped artist brush

Watercolor paint applied with stroke shaped artist brush

Longer hair length than a Wash and Shader. For lettering or covering large areas, holds the most color, can be held perpendicular to the surface to make lines