Brush Care and Cleaning

Brushes are an investment. If used and cared for properly, your brush will last a long time and perform better. A few basic suggestions:

  1. Keep the ferrule clean

    Do not immerse the brush in paint up to the ferrule. Wet paint is hard to remove from this area and, if it dries, even more difficult.

  2. Clean excess paint

    Remove all excess paint with a soft rag or paper towel.

  3. Don't over soak

    Never leave a brush soaking in water or mineral spirits for an extended period of time.

  4. Don't rest your brush on its head

    Never let your brush rest on its head. There are many accessories available that will suspend your brush.

  5. Clean the brush properly

    Watercolor and acrylic paint should be cleaned with mild soap and water. Oil paint should be first cleaned with mineral spirits and then with soap and water. If you wish to avoid mineral spirits you can use Baby Oil or Murphy’s Oil Soap.

  6. Store brushes properly

    After cleaning, remove excess water, reshape the hairs into place with you fingers, and stand the brush upright on the handle to dry.

How to Clean Paint Brushes