Watercolor Wednesday: Painting Technique with Jenna Rainey

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Jenna Rainey of Mon Voir demonstrates a watercolor technique using a Princeton Synthetic Sable Round Size 2 brush.

A perfect demonstration of how I use wet on wet technique to create a soft blend between highlights and shadows for a more detailed flower! Using my size 2 round synthetic sable brush, I've started with a light, washy mixture of Opera Rose and Lemon Yellow Deep watercolor from @winsorandnewton, starting at the top of the petal and working down toward the creases or overlap. Once I get close enough, I load up with more color for a thicker and darker value of paint and line the crease with my shadow color and let it diffuse into the light/highlight color to create a soft blend from shadows, midtones and highlights! Painting like this isnt all that complicated – the key ingredient is patience and looking at each petal like it's own individual painting! If you struggle with sketching one of these guys out, don't worry, I'll be doing a tutorial on that soon! But don't be afraid to just try it! The first sketch and painting I did like this was awful and I felt lost and confused while painting it…but I kept practicing and eventually got better! #monvoir #watercolor #watercolour #watercolors #watercolorvideo #paint #painting #process #winsorandnewton #princetonbrush #art #artwork

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